Make a List, Check it Twice

Make a List, Check it Twice

Hello again,

Welcome back - I AM STOKED that you’re reading this post. That means you either LOVE the content I’m making or you feel there’s value in what I’m saying…..although I hope there’s truth to both for you!

If you’ve seen my content or heard me speak you already know I value connection over anything. Quality V.S. Quantity!


I wanted to take it a step further and offer you the “Client Checklist” I use as a template to road-map our plan for success FOR FREE! It’s the same template I use myself, and it can be measured up against any sales task.

This is predominantly a post for my sales peeps, BUT anyone can reap the benefits of this checklist by switching a few words around.

For example, in this checklist I mention a “growth in sales” during the analytical phase but if you aren’t boosting sales maybe you’ll want to analyze the growth in the number of employees you have, or the number of gigs you booked!

I hope this checklist offers insight on practical ways you can look at your pitch, tweak it a little, and analyze the results. This checklist can be used for various times frames and various goals big OR small!

Happy Reading!

DISCLAIMER : This has to be said only because I never want to mislead my teams! Each service I provide is extremely tailored to you, the company, and the goals we’re reaching. That being said this check-list offers a basic start to begin the road mapping - it would take FOR EVER for me to individually create a client check list for every scenario…..and then what would you need me for? :(


P.S. If you enjoy the content the BIGGEST token of appreciation we could ever - and I mean EVER - receive is for you to share this knowledge and content with a friend or family member. We want the organic reach of community and by sharing this with your friends we can continue to make authentic connections. Thank you!!

I so truly appreciate you!

Ashley R.

Communication Styles

Communication Styles

THREE key tips to effective communication.

THREE key tips to effective communication.