Lead From Your Employee Perspective

Lead From Your Employee Perspective

I recently published a podcast episode on the importance of incentive in the workplace. This is a follow up to that podcast episode.

In past business culture, bosses and leaders have undoubtedly rules with an iron fist. They bring home the bid bucks, make difficult decisions, and offer treats to employees via sick days, bonuses, and maybe vacation.

Other businesses offer tuition assistance, paid travel, etc. It’s really too difficult to narrow down every business incentive to have ever existed. BUT what I can tell you is the underlying theme of “I’m in charge” exists in so many ways.

When you are a business owner (especially a small business owner getting established) it’s important to understand that you work for your employees.

Yes, you work for YOUR EMPLOYEES.

Here’s the reality Savvytier,

This business is your brain-child. It’s your creation, and therefore you will be the most motivated to make the dream work. To put it plainly, other people may see the vision and feel the motivation but at the end of the day they have their own needs and dreams - and here’s the difference in business today…..ALMOST ANYONE CAN LEAVE AN OFFICE JOB OR BUSINESS TO MAKE THEIR OWN DREAMS.

That means how you position incentive, workplace atmosphere, etc. is crucial to your success and determining whether your business is surviving or thriving.

Ways to do this:

  • Survey your company employees (ask questions to really know them)

  • Invest in your team (work functions, career development, workshops, etc.)

  • Create incentive based on your survey analysis

  • Always, Always, Always give your employees more value than what you get

By creating job satisfaction and high morale in the workplace, you will save money and time when recruiting for open positions, sharing your business via word of mouth, etc.

There is absolutely NOTHING stronger than the supportive voice of your team, because when the team is happy the customers feel this too - and will likely have the same positive experience.

Until next time,

Ashley R.

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