How to Get People to Hear Your Truth

How to Get People to Hear Your Truth

Savvytiers! Welcome to another blog - this one being a spin off of my most recent podcast episode. Click here to listen if you haven’t heard yet!

I’m breaking down VERY simply the logic behind understanding information. Since I’m talking about tea (telling someone a hard truth) I’ll compare the intake of information to the 4 stages of digestion.

BUT THIS POST is about creating the right approach to serve your tea. It’s about getting the right atmosphere so that whoever tastes the tea - loves the tea, or at least drinks it.

This will help you, and I, remember the process easily -

What I have often seen, especially in the cyber world, is users “spitting tea” on other users and being shocked when the person didn’t receive the “tea” with generosity.

It’s not that the tea (or truth) was bad. Maybe the truth was in-fact the full truth, but the person you confronted either:

A) Wasn’t open and prepared to hear the truth <—- There’s nothing you can do about this btw.


B) Needed you to approach them differently with the truth (tea) <—- Set the atmosphere

Don’t get confused now! I am doing a LOT of referencing about tea & truth, but if you’ve been in the online world more than a week you should have a clear picture for why this reference works.

I mean it REALLY works.

Let me explain further.

In digestion (of food/drinks) we undergo 4 stages. (Refer to podcast “Tea Time”)





The same works when we’re taking in information to either use (absorption) or the information we ignore (elimination)

If you’re sharing a truth, observation, or opinion with someone -

HOW you deliver this information matters more than what’s being said.

WHY? Because you have to prime the path, or set the atmosphere, to allow the person you’re talking to the best chance for absorption. Otherwise, you’ll end up offending or poorly-educating people.

“Okay, so how do I set the right atmosphere?”

  1. Have a clear intention

    Are you wanting to awaken someone to be more aware of themselves? Are you intervening in unproductive behavior? Are you insecure about yourself, and want to make others feel bad too?

    All of these ideas, and similar ones, matter. YOU HAVE to have a clear end-goal. YOU ALSO HAVE to be okay if the end-goal isn’t achieved.

    I say this because it is TOO important to remember that

    we cannot control other people. We can only influence.”


    Easy. It’s a vibe. It’s having the right tone, and approach. It’s the atmosphere.

  2. Be okay with a bad outcome

    We’re not perfect people, alright? I have BAD days. I have BAD BAD days. Sometimes I’m emotional, tired, or weak. Sometimes I’m distracted or anxious.

    If you’re not feeling grounded (your normal self) maybe wait to share tea until you’re back to your ol’ chipper self to avoid complicating the situation.

    BUT if you have done everything in your power to set an intention that is for the greater good and you’re feeling fierce, and it STILL doesn’t go right - it’s okay.

    Communication is an art, every stroke isn’t perfect but it can always be improved upon.”

  3. Be willing to apologize, or re-make the tea

    Almost no-one responds well to confronting, aggressive energy. It makes people feel “bad” or anxious, or attacked. Don’t be the fool that never apologizes. You aren’t always right, OWN IT. Be willing to hear your person out and improve on the situation - even if it means you have to re-make the tea (try different approaches).

Having the right approach when you’re sharing observations, truth, or opinions can make the absolute difference in whether or not the person listening on the other end is receptive of what you’re saying.

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