FREE Booklet Download - 5 Steps To A Solid Team (2 Min Read)

FREE Booklet Download - 5 Steps To A Solid Team (2 Min Read)

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If you own a small business that already has an established team, this booklet still offers valuable information. Just because you have a team already doesn’t mean you should ignore building cohesion within your team, or making your team stronger.

Generally speaking, the interview process can be BRUTAL. It’s a game of limbo and uncertainty on both ends (the employer and the employee).

I’ve included several tips and examples in this booklet that allow you (the employer) the ability to weed out undesirable applications FROM THE START - to save you time and money.

The reality is, just because an applicant has made the time to show up for an interview - doesn’t mean you are their only offer. They may be looking at several offers or negotiating terms - and if we’re talking about high quality employees you definitely don’t want to let them walk out of the interview feeling subordinated.

I mention several ways to VILIFY the “Top Dog” ego by creating an atmosphere that promotes teamwork between leaders and staff members, as well as tips for making the interview process more comfortable.

You may be the type of person to think intimidation and “professionalism” are imperative in the interview process, but I’d argue that the opposite is necessary for desired growth and longevity.


The more comfortable an applicant feels in the interview process, the less likely they are to say things out of desire to impress. This saves you time from hiring an employee that is not the right fit for the position.

The 5 steps include:

  • Share

  • Abhor

  • Vilify

  • Validate

  • Yield

And is designed specifically for my coaching style to get you the results you need.

WHY do you need a coach?

Startup Companies have a 44% success rate.

23% Percent of businesses fail due to hiring the wrong team.

Job Satisfaction increases by 61%

Teamwork increases by 67%

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