Communication Boot Camp & Tips

Communication Boot Camp & Tips

Hellllooo Savvytiers!

It’s been almost TWO WEEKS since my last post but I’m excited to share some insider information with you all!

I’ve just created and launched and exclusive communication boot camp course for small business owners and individuals looking to dive into their habits and personalities - to boost sales, recruit quality employees, and build team cohesion.


This post is important because I’m going to share with you TWO techniques that I use to improve and enhance my selling ability, and also my overall ability to connect with others (specifically business partners).

WATCH OUT - we’re going to get a little woo woo for those of you that don’t vibe with the spiritual ways.

Here’s the deal everyone. Anything I post for the most part is D E E P. I mean you’re getting into your emotions and default habits, insecurities, and all. I do this because exposing yourself and creating friction is the only way to break off pieces of yourself that just don’t fit.



Just speaking it into the universe doesn’t mean it’ll eventually happen. Saying I’m a nice person doesn’t actually make me nice without challenging all the ways I’m judgmental or harsh. If you don’t squeeze the sponge, the water won’t come out. It’s just that simple.

So stop looking for easy ways to get around and build a better you. It’s uncomfortable, and it takes effort - but oh my lanta it’s a blast to see results!

So back to this insider information you’re scrolling through to see.

In the course I created there’s actually very little content in the course itself. A majority of the course is held in our online group via the lovely Facebook and features REAL-LIFE homework. Who likes quizzes and tests? Not me.

If you’re interested in seeing more about this visit my class HERE.

Or else click the menu >> Online Courses >> Enroll ;)

Okay, okay - for serious.

I just wanted to pop over here and share a few insider tips, which you can also find on my INSTAGRAM PAGE @mrs.ashleymrodriguez …

Let’s Jump In.


    This is a big deal for me because I was never the type to be okay with “I’m here to work not make friends” . You know those people? Ugh It’s just not in my blood. Want to know how to help build positive team cohesion, so you actually enjoy going to work?

    If someone sucks, like they literally just don’t vibe with human beings - there’s not much you can do. GOOD NEWS though, you can absolutely do something for yourself! If you own a business or care about your colleagues, try making communication a two way deal. Ask questions to better understand your coworkers and figure out how you can better help the team. No one likes a negative Nancy so try to stay positive. As an employer you can do this by letting your employees choose their rewards from a list, for good work performance.

    For example, if someone hasn’t called out of work for 12 months maybe they can get a little bonus. The key here is to offer rewards you’re willing to give - and let them choose what they need the most or what they would most like to have. It makes your employees feel valued and heard. BOOM. Boss of the year.


    This is HUUUUUGE, mainly because we’re pretty occupied with big sales. I’ve noticed this myself a bajillion times when I call a local company for help (internet, tv, fitness, electric, etc.) and instead of actually helping me solve my problem they focus their attention on an up-sell that they need to promote. I get it, they “have” too. But you know what? It just makes me do everything in my power to never call those people again…No one likes to feel pressured.

    You can boost sales by listening to your clients or customers and guiding them to the services they actually need. All sales matter, the small ones included. So focus less on your quota and more on your audience.

I hope these blurps help you out a tiny bit.


I’m only sharing two with you because, duh - information overload.

See you guys real soon.

Thanks for sticking around :)

Ashley R.

THREE key tips to effective communication.

THREE key tips to effective communication.

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