“It Pays to Talk Savvy.”

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A Brief History


In 2016, while in South Korea for a deployment rotation, I stumbled across a passion for communicating. I knew I wanted to speak, encourage, and help businesses build a solid foundation focused on communication.

The Vision


After discovering a passion for communicating I researched endlessly for like-minded self-development communities and found nothing. It was in this passion to know myself more and communicate better with the people around me that I created Savvy Descant to help others do the same. My mission is to prove that it's "cool to communicate" in a world where we close off and build walls to present a fake image. In following this journey I've learned that these proven techniques backed by science and leading spiritual experts - my home life and professional life have excelled beyond belief. I'm fulfilled in all areas BECAUSE I learned this amazing social art that is so often neglected. I hope to share this same experience with you, so that you can experience all that is in your life to the fullest.

What To Expect


When you join you can expect high quality information completely focused on communicating. Learn tips and tricks to boost sales, recruit quality employees, build team cohesion, and fulfill relationships (friendship and romance). Learn new skills and refine old ones to become a better you. You'll also get exclusive access to my social media platforms and booking services if you desire a business coach to fit your needs! Need a key note or supporting speaker for your event? Try me! There's no other community like the one Savvy offers. It Pays to Talk Savvy.



Nick S. (Instagram)

"I love this. It truly speaks to me not only professionally, but in every day social experiences. The analogy reminds me of the more common, actions speak louder than words. Words only go so far. it;s the action and the forthright doing of good deeds that leads to you being viewed as someone who is nice."

@InspiredbyK (Instagram)

"I love that you promote the BIGGER PICTURE. It's not about what's in your wallet, it's about connection. Start now, be true, make the connection."

I.am.mbg (iTunes)

Great Podcast

Ashley does a phenomenal job of communicating, describing, and explaining how to implement strategies for positivity and changing your outlook on life. She is very knowledgeable and using a common sense approach to systematically outline strategies to help people achieve their goals or to help folks adjust how they think about life. Keep up the great work. I listened to two of them today. I will finish it out this week and can’t wait for the next one.